Today, our stunning venue is available for wedding and party rentals. The grounds at McMillen Farm are perfect for an indoor or outdoor reception. Our team of people work hand-in-hand through every detail of your event to make it perfect! Contact us today so we can start helping you plan your special day. We look forward to hearing from you! 

​​​​​The McMillen Farm was originally a 350 acre property sold by William Fairfax.  In 1904, John Richard McMillen, purchased the property located at 1521 Dranesville Road in Herndon, Virginia with the aspiration of becoming a dairy farmer.  In 1905, he built the home, which is the residence of the property's current owner. Margaret McMillen Jones Coomber, the great great granddaughter of the Tenth President of the United States, John Tyler.  Mrs. Coomber has resided on the property since her birth in 1923.  The property has hosted various events through the years, and is currently available for booking for weddings, banquets, recitals, corporate events, and parties.